Improve the technical innovation to adapt to the d

Improve the technical innovation to adapt to the d
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December 9, 2010, Anhui Bengbu City Economic Information Commission in style Grand Hotel Tiziano organized a provincial new product technology appraisal. My company and the city's seven companies participated in the portable product appraisal of new products.
        My company submitted SH7303B and SH7330A two products through careful preparation and pre-conference full elaboration. Has been recognized by evaluation experts, which successfully passed the provincial technical appraisal of new products. Which SH7330A module received technical leader, SH7303B module gained technologically advanced comment.
        Technological innovation is the primary productive forces, as a business must have its own core competencies, while the core technology innovation is an inexhaustible source of power companies. For achievements impregnated the joint efforts of all staff sweat, proud, but we must also clearly see that the company in terms of techniques, and other aspects of product development progress advanced enterprises is still a gap, when the wait I, we must step up the time to catch up, the only way we will not be overwhelmed by the tide of the market economy.
        The new year has begun, in the development of new products in the company's annual target proposed in 2011 no less than seven coils new product development, at least five kinds of modules, but this year the company ready to declare three new products to participate in the provincial new product technical appraisal, especially in coil products to achieve a breakthrough, which gives us a clear direction for this year. We are confident in the company's leadership and the concerted efforts of all staff, 2011 in technology innovation, product development will achieve great progress.